A powerful solution for

Internet of Things

An end-to-end stack infrastructure solution for heterogeneous IoT ecosystem

NADi for Developers

You will never need a platform ever again

Developers have only 3 words in mind when it comes to IoT - DEVICE - DATA - SECURITY

Manage, monitor and maintain devices. Collect, manage and index data. OTA security updates and multiple layers of on-board encryption.

NADi eliminates confusion for IoT developers which platform to choose and what tool to use, because no platform in the market gives full freedom on APIs and hardware selection. You will never need a platform ever again, all the development is done through a WEB based IDE and all the tools are hosted in cloud for quick access.

NADi is independent of both hardware and firmware, you not restricted to pre-defined rules. Our development tools are modular with any firmware and hardware giving you full freedom for experimentation and an open playground for all of your projects.

NADi for Start Ups

Don't be at the mercy of BIG companies

IoT ecosystem is a connected world of heterogeneous devices, NADi is an excellent solution irrespective of your choice of hardware. We provide infrastructure to develop firmware and libraries right from the prototyping stage to post-production. If you are not sure which firmware to use, we also provide you with an optimized open-source firmware.

Our infrastructure solution is packed with:

  • WEB IDE for development of firmware and libraries on the go
  • Over The Air security updates along with multiple layers of on-board encryption
  • M2M communication on CoAP standards with Linux based gateway solution
  • NADi cuts across verticals and deeply integrates best technology in a horizontal stack which are fully modular and inter-compatible. You will never need to depend on any BIG company and their freakishly ridiculous hardware requirements which keep changing with time, costing you serious reliability and scalability problems.

    NADi for Industries & Governments

    Totally secure and offline

    IoT adoption is not just limited to private sector, Governments all around the world are preparing the public infrastructure to catch up with transition through IoT. But the primary concern for governments is trusting a private service and depending entirely on a private firm raises serious dilemma because public convenience is top priority for any government.

    NADi has been designed in such a way that the existing infrastructure and operating system no need to be changed or upgraded. We provide our tools for on-premises installation which are totally secure with in the closed network. Our custom made tools are totally modular and works totally offline without interfering with the data what-so-ever. NADi is equipped with on-premises installation for industry scale and public infrastructure with intranets

    Architecture Archive

    We have a gigantic archive and counting fast, check out our archive here

    Those who risk going too far only can possibly know how far they can really go

    -- AhamTech --

    Our Services

    Monitor, manage and maintain your devices and data with our secure, scalable and modular packages for robust development of firmware and libraries from early prototyping to post-production


    We have many Open-Source RTOS configured and readily available to deploy, if you already using an RTOS we will configure our modules to work seamlessly with your existing infrastructure.


    A web based Integrated Development Environment provides easy and instant access from anywhere and anytime to deploy updates and develop applications and test them on our test beds securely.


    With billions of devices coming online in the name of IoT watching each one of them is a mind blowing task. Our state of the art device management engine is developed with robust APIs to integrate in to your monitoring devices. Keep an eye on your network, manage resources on demand, monitor the health of devices and maintenance of faulty ends is never been easier.


    Over The Air (OTA) technology to keep your IoT devices up-to-date with critical security updates to prevent the risk of malicious attacks.


    Taken from end device to user the data is fully encrypted with multiple layers of encryption, with a public key and a private key giving access only to end user for ensured privacy.


    Collect, manage, index data and securely store in our data centers for data analysis or analytics. After all IoT is all about the data and making best use of it. Our data caching engines are fully automated to index data from billions of devices and made available at any time.


    Machine to Machine communication is critical in IoT either on cloud or otherwise. Our M2M technology is built on open standard COAP to authenticate securely and adapt in to mesh networks seamlessly.


    A Gateway has to be as secure as the device itself, we deploy fully secured Linux OS to your gateway hardware and fully configure them for your needs.

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    Case Studies

    Every now and then we see an awesome project posted online and chances of showing itself back in the real world again are pretty less. And those who manage to make it out via crowd funding often end up unknown after the promise is delivered. The main reason for early ending of product life span is due to the complexity involved in tailoring a custom hardware and build a firmware for their designs and requirements. Most of the sophisticated IoT devices designed by big companies require heavy development of software ground up for their design, which aren’t affordable for a startup or a small company. The elements required for building a great IoT devices and services already exist with highly incompatible issues. NADi is the catalyst designed in Lego style to break this inter compatibility by building robust tools keeping sustainability and scalability in mind.

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