Our Team

Meet the angels & daemons behind it


Founder & Technical Lead

Anwesh Reddy

Passionate developer to build, innovate and novel applications. Hardcore developer in Perl & Node.js, OpenSouce gethusiest and make use of most of the opensource technologies

Strengths: Perl , MongoDB , Redis , Networking Skills , Js

Project Manager

Sandeep Eranti

I am a skeptic mechanical engineer who sees the world through the modern technology which provided me the scope to unveil the unlimited knowledge and wisdom inherited through generations of scientific and spiritual solutions for the betterment of the society that have been helping mankind to benefit through time. I propose new ideas and provide design for products and services at AHAMTECH to become a part of sustained technology for good.

Strengths: Hardware Flexibility , Finite Element Analysis , Managing Resources

Back-End Programmer

John Ankanna

I am back-end programmer to give shape and life to the proposed idea. Being a computer science engineer I keep myself coding the ideas in such a manner that it is apt and sustainable in this digital environment..I look at simple solutions for complex problems to enrich the product performance . . !

Strengths: MongoDB , mYsQl , C++ , QML , JS , Mobile App Development , Photoshop

Front-End Programmer

Mahesh Reddy

I am the front-end programmer, youngest of the team and electronics engineer at AHAMTECH, aimed to embark on projects which makes life simpler.I formulate solutions to the idea and build code accordingly to project ,the designs for the products ,mobile applications and websites.

Strengths: HTML5 , C , QML , JS


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