SASS based Financial Solution for Small and Medium Companies




Elixir, Postres, Elastic Search

SASS based Financial Solution for SME Companies
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SASS based Financial Solution for SME Companies

The landscape of Indian Financial institutions growing at a rapid pace. As such tools required to maintain financial organisation are unique to one another. As such, we identified the issue that CBS is implemented into such financial solution, which doesn't meet the needs of clients. And many are over blotted with un-used features.

Solution developed at Ahamtech is helping several organisations move away from traditional solutions to cutting edge solution and leverage latest tools at their disposal. Biggest Challenge for clients, too many paper-based workflows is not automated to a single point, where the client can just entire details of the customer and create an account and prepare the necessary form in a matter of seconds, which eases operational burdens.

The backend solution is developed on battle-tested Erlang VM and Elixir as a core part of development. The platform is chosen to meet the demands of clients. High availability is one of the core reasons to choose Erlang VM and cluster communication is secondary. Several design principles are taken into consideration like Railway based development, Role back Transaction on demand.

Roots of blockchain philosophy, As crypto-currency, is taken the world by storm. A controversial concept has invaded our economy. We also embraced the philosophy behind blockchain. Trust system is created to handle with high authenticity for all transactions with centralised administration for the organisation.